90 North Main Street
  Wolfeboro, New Hampshire
  (603) 569-3016

The Wolfe's Tavern History

Built in 1812 by the Rogers family, The Wolfeboro Inn has a proud history. The original house remained a private residence for about 75 years. As summer visitors grew in numbers, the residence became the Copper Kettle and provided food and lodging to the weary traveler all the way from Boston. In the early thirties, it was renamed the Carr House and operated during the summer months complete with waiters in white gloves who attended to every need of their pampered guests. The Inn's cozy rooms were filled with good books and a zephyr of a breeze from the 'Big Lake' to soothe the city visitor.

In 1987 a spectacular three-story addition, with commanding views of Lake Winnipesaukee, was added to the original building. Traditional New England decor; handmade quilts, selected pieces of antique furniture and a blazing lobby fireplace provided the warmth of a country inn with the style and amenities of a full service resort.

Today Wolfeboro Inn guests may choose between modern suites with balconies looking out to the lake in the new building or the charm of the beautifully restored and expanded rooms of the historic Inn. In 2007 an exciting new stage was set for the Wolfeboro Inn, when Hay Creek Hotels finalized the purchase of the property. Now a new chapter is poised and ready to be written in order to provide our guests with outstanding customer service coupled with luxury amenities and an eye for detail.